WITH ERIC Effective Residual Ink Content. TAPPI T567pm-97 ISO/TC6/WG3/ N1116. This instrument makes measurement of brightness, color and opacity affordable in Production and QC applications.

The Brightness & Color Meter measures color, color purity, degree of yellowness, degree of whiteness, color matching and color fastness. It also measures the effect of fluorescent additives by use of a removable ultra-violet filter. SPECIFICATIONS CIE 1931 (2 degrees) CIE 1964 (10 degrees), ISO 2469, 2470, 2471, ISO 5631.1 ISO 9416.

Tristimulus values: 1.00. Chromaticity coordinates: 0.0100 Xenon lamp provides diffused illumination in 30mm window in 150mm dia integrating sphere INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Built-in printer  FEATURES:  Display VFD, Single-button simplicity of operation RS-232 data output Stores up to 99 readings; auto-calculates mean value.

Product Code UEC-1018
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipments
Weight 26 Kg
Dimension 52 x 34 x 66 cm.
Applicable Standards ISO 2469, 2470, 3688, 5631, 9416, 11475, 11476, 22891, 22754 TAPPI T519, T525, T527, (T534, T560, T567) DIN 53145, 53146, 53147, 54500 Paptac E1, E2 SCAN G3, 5, 8, 66, 71, 72, each/P JIS P8148 etc.
Testing Applications Writing Printing/copier Paper (Brightness Colour Values)
Duplex And Art Paper (Brightness)
Accessories NA

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