UEC-1015 A

The fluff tester - Patra Type is intended for laboratory determination of the linting tendency / short fiber of un-coated printing paper. A sample is placed between the blanket & steel roll. It is moved between the roles under nip pressure. After selected number of sheets have been passed, the fluff is transferred on the blanket and a movable magnifying glass counter is placed at the top of the machine to count the numbers of particles & fibers adhering to a given area of the blanket.

 The tester enables fluff to be measured easily after stimulating the action of printing press using a dry blanket. It is based on the concept of PIRA. The tester is capable of giving reproducible results and the fluff build-up proceeds at a steady rate with a number of sheets.

Product Code UEC-1015 A
Equipment Category Surface Coating & Printability
Weight 66 Kg
Dimension 64 x 59 x 72 cm.
Testing Applications Newsprint (Fluff)
Writing Printing/copier Paper (Fluff)
Accessories NA

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