UEC-1007 B

Schopper Type instrument with Five Figure digital Counter Loading clamps of spring type giving standard load of 1000 gm during the test  with Five –Figure digital Counter having hold and zero setting.

Two horizontally opposed and moveable clamping jaws, which hold specimen 100 mm (4 in.) long under variable tension during the folding cycle, while a slotted folding blade, sliding back and forth between four creasing rollers, folds the paper at 120 double fold per minute.

One complete oscillation of the test piece, during which it is, folded first back wards and then forwards about the same line and this oscillation is double fold.

The Equipment is used for determining the Folding Endurance of all Kinds of paper, foil and films up to 0.25 mm or less.

Option: Die & punch strip cutter 15 x 100 mm for specimen preparation.
Product Code UEC-1007 B
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipments
Dimension 18” x 16” x 14”
Applicable Standards SCAN P 17:77, TAPPI T 423/453, TAPPI T453/511
Testing Applications Newsprint (Folding)
Accessories NA

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