UEC-2005 B

For production of laboratory paper sheets for physical tests. The design of the drainage system provides a uniform flow across the entire wire, thus permitting exceptionally uniform sheets. Laboratory sheets, prepared from suspensions of pulp are used for determining physical properties such as apparent density, tensile index, tear index, folding endurance light scattering coefficient and air resistance.
The conditions of sheet making should be similar to commercial production.  Hand Sheet former (Model SCA Type) for production of circular sheets. 

Sheet size: 165 mm dia = 214 cm2  Trimmed size: 200 cm2

Standard Accessories supplied along with equipment.
i.Standard Stirrer 
ii. Couch Roller iii. Drying Plate
Iii. Drying Rings
Product Code UEC-2005 B
Equipment Category Pulp Testing Equipments
Weight 110 Kg
Dimension 130 x 61 x 64 cm.
Applicable Standards TAPPI T-205, ISO 5269/1, CPPA C.4, SCAN C26, DIN 54358, APPITA P 203
Testing Applications Pulp Testing Raw Material Recycled Fibre (Sheet Making)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Agro Fibre (Sheet Making)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Wood Fibre (Sheet Making)
Accessories NA

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