UEC-1026 A

The ring crush resistance of paper and paperboard is the maximum compressive force that a test piece will sustain without being crushed, the test piece being in the form of a ring standing on one end, and the force being applied to the other end under specified conditions. Crush Tester (Beam deflection method) motorized is operated with dial indicator and peak pointer

Load range: 0-50 , 0-100 Kg. Accuracy within 20% to 80% of the normal range of deflection Platen size 100 x 100 mm RCT sample holder and removable disc (08 numbers) for a thickness of 0.15 mm to 0.49 mm(supplied with main unit).

Platen size 100 x 100 mm.
Product Code UEC-1026 A
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipments

Dimension 17” x 17” x 21”
Applicable Standards ASTM D-1164-53, ASTM D-1125-54, TAPPI T-472 m-51
Range Available

Testing Applications Kraft Liner/fluting Paper/sack (Ring Crush Tester)
Kraft Liner/fluting Paper/sack (Stiffness)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Ring Crushing)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Flat Crush Test)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Edge Crush Test)
Pulp Testing Raw Material Recycled Fibre (Beating)

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