UEC-1005 A

This instrument measures the maximum tensile force the test piece will stand before it breaks and the elongation at the moment of rupture. It is used for determining the tensile strength and stretch at break of the paper, board, metal foil, textile and plastics. 

Electro-Mechanical tensile tester (Schopper Type) is a reliable and cost effective model for providing the determination of tensile strength and stretch of paper, paperboard and other similar material. 

Pulling rate is regulated through DC variable speed drive during the test through a calibrated potentiometer. Load Ranges : 0-50 N. / 0-300 N.
Product Code UEC-1005 A
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipments
Weight 130 Kg
Dimension 90 x 55 x 135 cm.
Applicable Standards SCAN P 38,SCAN P 67, TAPPI T494,TAPPI T541, CPPA D.34, ISO 1924/2, BS 4415, DIN 53112, APPITA/AS 1301.448, JIS P 8115, FINAT
Range Available

Testing Applications Newsprint (Breaking Length)
Writing Printing/copier Paper (Breaking Length)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Wet Tensile)
Tissue & Soft Material (Wet Tensile)

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