UEC-1005 D

AUTOMATIC TENSILE STRENGTH TESTER provided with user friendly software which guides the operator through all steps of program selection, parameter modification and sample test to minimize human error during test to provide rapid and efficient determination of tensile strength, stretch, tensile energy absorption (TEA), tensile stiffness, breaking length, elongation & elongation percentage of paper and paperboard which displays in values as well as in graph on touch screen cum graphical LCD control panel. These test results can be transferred directly to the computer through RS 232 communication port so as to retrieve these  test results later or to make a test profile.

The instrument is equipped with auto sensing & auto clamping of high friction clamps which prevents test pieces from slipping during measurements.  Standard model 0- 500 N.

Product Code UEC-1005 D
Equipment Category Physical Property Testing Equipments
Weight 118 Kg
Dimension 122 x 78 x 44 cm.
Applicable Standards SCAN P 38,SCAN P 67, TAPPI T494,TAPPI T541, CPPA D.34, ISO 1924/2, BS 4415, DIN 53112, APPITA/AS 1301.448, JIS P 8115, FINAT
Testing Applications Newsprint (Breaking Length)
Writing Printing/copier Paper (Breaking Length)
Corrugated Fibre Board Box Board (Wet Tensile)
Tissue & Soft Material (Wet Tensile)
Accessories NA

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